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Indoor Learning Environment

Our team of highly qualified early year’s practitioners create a learning environment that is rich with opportunities for children to thrive and develop to their full potential, through play and playful teaching. The children are encouraged to express and follow their own interests and the practitioners provide access to a wealth of resources in order to extend and develop their learning.

We have a variety of different learning environments, each designed to strengthen and challenge the children’s abilities whilst also enabling them to develop within the different areas of the current Early Years Foundation Stage framework. Our learning spaces include:

  • Our activity play space provides learning experiences that both challenge and motivate the children in preparation for their future education. Within this area the children have opportunity to learn skills such as literacy, numeracy, simple science and technology, music and movement, all through play, and at a level and pace suited to the individual.
  • Our creative space where children can explore and engage in activities through the use of materials and resources ranging from paint, water, sand, papier-mâché and clay to name but a few.
  • Our role play area provides a calm yet relaxed atmosphere, allowing the children to develop their preferences and forms of expression as they mimic everyday life. Supported by access to a highly equipped home corner and multicultural play costumes, we encourage exploration and extension of their understanding and knowledge of the world around them. This space is carefully planned and designed to promote imaginative play.
  • Our heuristic play space provides the children with a cosy environment to engage in open-ended play and stimulate their senses.

Across all rooms, the children have access to both ‘conventional toys’ and open-ended resources. Having opportunity to engage with open-ended resources really encourages the children to use their imagination and problem solve for themselves, Rather than having a prescribed plastic ‘zoo’ toy, the children have the opportunity to create anything that they can think of out of wooden blocks, stones and other loose parts, really enhancing and developing their creative skills.

In line with our approach, the children have opportunity to make use of all rooms at various times throughout the day. During ‘Child Choice’ times, all rooms (including the garden) are freely accessible to the children and they are encouraged to choose where they would like to play and which resources they would like to access. This enables each child to pursue and take charge of their own learning, encouraging them to be independent and express their likes and preferences. Of course, learning and play is fully supported by our team during these times and mandatory staff:child ratios are maintained at all times.

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