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Parents Comments

…..I knew my son would be secure and well looked after & he loved it…..Thank you too for the beautiful photos of his first day. Anette

…..The staff all have excellent communication skills and you can really see that the staff work together as a team. Chantelle

…..My daughter is now in Year 1 but at Year 2 level. I have to say this has been due to the amazing social, educational and fantastic approach by the nursery.Rupy

…..I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the rest of you team for helping and supporting our daughter to develop into the amazing little character she has become. In my view she has truly blossomed in her early years at Stepping Stones.  Raksha

….. Our son loves coming here and has come on leaps and bounds since starting. Helen 

….. Everything that I wanted my son to acheive and develop has been mastered through the fantastci staff. Alison 

….. Our son has developed in his skills, vocabulary, social interaction, discipline and behaviour. Sara

….. We feel this nursery has given our son a great start in life, with social skills and education. Andrew

….. Still very happy, in fact we will be very sad when our son leaves. Jane

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