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At Stepping Stones we agree with the beliefs of highly respected educationalists and child psychologists – that at least half of a child’s educational growth and personality development is achieved in the first five years of life.

To support this development we believe that learning is best achieved through the enjoyment of play and our highly qualified and experienced team are able to assess the individual needs of our children and adapt our facilities to achieve these goals.

We also believe that every child in our care has the right to health, individuality, respect and freedom from discrimination. This belief is promoted through positive role models and high quality multi-cultural resources. These help children from all ethnic groups to develop positive self-images and enables children to learn about their community and life around them. We recognise the importance of ‘traditional values’ with appropriate focus being given to the development of good manners, social interactions, sharing, kindness and sensitivity to others. These life skills are promoted by example of the team and through encouragement and praise.

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