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Stepping Stones

Thank you for visiting our web information today and considering Stepping Stones Nursery as your childcare and education provider for these most important, early formative, years of your child’s life.

I know how overwhelming the responsibility to make the best choice can seem, having established this Nursery back in 1994 in response to my own family’s needs. As a mother and registered general nurse, I was seeking a happy, home-from-home, secure and nurturing environment, which provided a stimulating and structured educational programme, tailored to meet and enhance the developmental journey of my young children. I knew that the achievement of my own exacting standards would provide a solution not just for my family but also benefit other like-minded families too.

I chose the name Stepping Stones because I believe that children naturally develop in a succession of small steps; the end achievement being children with a positive self-image, curiosity, the thirst for life-long learning and the ability to adapt to their surroundings with confidence, whilst being considerate to the needs of others.

I have long believed that the most important component in any happy, successful Nursery is the team that deliver the content and continuity of care every day. I am therefore very proud to provide a team that are qualified and experienced childcare and education practitioners, who offer their skills with enthusiasm, commitment and dedication. Our family feel, happy and caring environment is evidenced by the team service records, with many spanning more than one decade and a few more than two decades – quite an achievement in this sector and day and age!

Over the years we have witnessed and been required to adapt to a seemingly never-ending demand for change from our governing and regulatory bodies – sadly, much of this driven by political agenda. However, we continue to strive to keep the children’s best interests at the centre of everything we do and offer at Nursery. We are their champions and believe that despite the passing years, changes in social or family dynamics and trends in educational approach, children are fundamentally the same as they have always been. To become happy, healthy, resilient and productive adults in a sharing, cohesive society; children need to feel loved and nurtured, experiencing kindness, encouragement, praise, support and a sense of belonging. These things will never change and are our call to action each and every day.

Care and education of young children is a huge responsibility that can often prove both demanding and challenging. However, we continue to love what we do and love the children that we do it for.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Stepping Stones family soon.

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